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Data Weighing Systems is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B). L-A-B is a full member of ILAC, which means that our accredited calibrations are recognized throughout the world. All of our calibration weights and other standards are traceable to the appropriate SI unit through NIST. We service scale and microscope manufacturers and virtually every industry with an unsurpassed range of on+off site services.


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The precision of balances requires additional understanding and experience. Maintaining weights necessary to calibrate analytical balances requires much more than sending standards out for calibration once a year. We analyze the minute weight change in our standards over time and adjust our calibration cycles to ensure that our calibration weights have the highest level of accuracy.

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Many consider scale calibration to be a simple task: put a weight on the scale and record what it reads. However understanding how repeatability, linearity and shift errors affect the weighing process requires experienced technicians and the backing of an organization committed to continual improvement. DWS has been working with scales since 1973, and we bring this experience to every scale calibration we perform.

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Tensile Frames

The numerous calibrations associated with your tensile testing frame are diverse and have very tight tolerances. DWS has invested in extremely accurate calibration standards and technicians who know how to use them properly. Our ISO 17025 accreditation covers all of these parameters so you can be confident that your calibrations will comply with all national and international testing requirements, including TS16949, NADCAP, AASHTO, DOT, and NUPIC specifications. Our knowledge of the testing process allows us to understand and meet all of your applicable requirements. In this global market environment, choosing a calibration vendor proficient in both US and European calibration methods makes good business sense.

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Hardness Testers

Data Weighing System technicians use a wide variety of NIST traceable standards to perform ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations of any Rockwell hardness scale needed. We also offer direct and indirect method calibrations of Brinell hardness testers and Brinell measuring scopes, as well as micro/macro hardness testers up to 30kg. All certifications include before and after data and maintenance, when requested. Calibrations and certificates comply with all applicable ASTM specifications.

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Whether you are making linear measurements using reticle lenses or using a software system to perform measurements, DWS can provide an accredited calibration of your microscope to ensure its accuracy and your peace of mind. Our technicians use NIST traceable standards to perform ISO 17025 accredited calibrations of all types of microscope systems.

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Charpy Impact

In order for a Charpy machine to maintain accurate absorbed energy readings, periodic testing with certified test specimens is required. At DWS, we are familiar with all makes of Charpy impact testers, and can maintain your machine in top conditions while providing accredited calibrations to either ASTM E-12 or ISO 148-2 standards.

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Crane Scales

While smaller cranes scales can be tested with weights, higher capacity units require specialized calibration presses. At Data Weighing Systems, we have the unique capability of calibrating crane scales up to 250,000 LBS.

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Like crane scales, dynamometers (sometimes referred to as tension links) require calibration presses in order to reach the higher capacities. At DWS, we are able to calibrate all makes and models of dynamometers up to 250,000 lbs.

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Load Cells

Load cells are the sensors used in scales; however they are also used to monitor forces in all sorts of applications. Utilizing weights and high precision load cell standards, we use ASTM E4 calibration procedures to accurately calibrate all types of load cells in tension and compression up to 250,000 LBS. We offer mV/V, 0-10 volt and 0-20mA calibrations.

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Torque Tools

Utilizing our extensive range of torque transducers, we are able to calibrate all of the various types of torque tools. Since we calibrate our own standards, we have a high degree of control over the accuracy of our process. Our calibration methods are based on the ISO 6789 standard for calibration of torque tools.

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Torque Transducers

Torque transducers are actually very similar to scales and force gauges in both technology and the calibration process. Using our calibration weights in conjunction with a calibrated torque arm, we apply known torque to the transducer and perform the required adjustments.

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Force Gauges

Similar to scales, most force gauges under 200 lbs are calibrated with weights traceable through NIST. Larger gauges are calibrated using calibration grade load cells and a precision press. 

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With resolutions of 0.1 μg or (0.0000001g), microbalances are more accurate than the tolerance of calibration weights. In order to accurately calibrate these units, we've expanded on the manufactures' procedures to maximize the accuracy and reduce the uncertainties of the calibration process.

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Moisture Analyzers

Loss-in-weight moisture analyzers consist of a weighing element and a heating element. In order for accurate results, both elements need to be calibrated. At Data Weighing Systems, we have the most comprehensive range of temperature disks available to allow us to calibrate moisture analyzers from every major manufacturer.

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Wheel Weighers

Wheel weighers, also known as weigh pads, allow a truck or aircraft to be weighed by placing one under each wheel. At Data Weighing Systems, we have the capabilities to calibrate wheel weighers up to 60,000 LBS, using our calibration press with NIST traceable load cells. By testing all the way to the capacity of the scale we ensure that you are able to achieve accurate results.

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Presses and Compression

Compression Testers for Concrete or other presses and jacks with loadcells or pressure gauges are calibrated using our calibration grade load cells. We can calibrate portable devices at our facility or perform tests on larger machines at your location.

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Weights and Mass

Calibration weights and other masses are calibrated using high accuracy balances and master weights of a higher tolerance. By comparing our known mass to the unknown mass multiple times we are able to achieve a low level of uncertainty. Beyond calibrating weights we also offer optional stripping and painting of cast iron weights to ensure they maintain tolerances during the calibration cycle. 

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Beyond Calibration

The process of calibration is simply the comparison between a known standard, such as our weights, with the unit under test. However in order to achieve accurate results from any measurement device the unit under test also needs to be properly adjusted and maintained.

Our focus on the mechanical fields of weight, force and torque allows us to have the expertise necessary to perform proper adjustments, repair the equipment we calibrate, and perform proper preventative maintenance. In addition, we are able to provide the expertise necessary to ensure that equipment is being used in a way that maximizes both efficiency and accuracy.

We Offer Rentals. Minimize Downtime.

There’s no need for work to stop while equipment is out for repair. We can match you with a suitable rental scale while your equipment is being serviced.

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