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Data Weighing Systems is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). (ANAB) is a full member of ILAC, which means that our accredited calibrations are recognized throughout the world. All of our calibration weights and standards are traceable through NIST to the International System of Units(SI). We provide calibration, adjustment and repair to virtually every industry with an unsurpassed range of on and off site services.


We analyze the minute weight change in our standards over time and adjust our calibration cycles to ensure that our calibration weights have the highest level of accuracy.

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Make sure you calibrate your scale before starting the inventory taking process. Understanding how repeatability, linearity and shift errors affect the weighing process requires experienced technicians.

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Like crane scales, dynamometers (sometimes referred to as tension links) require calibration presses in order to reach the higher capacities.

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Weights and Mass

By comparing our known mass to the unknown mass multiple times we are able to achieve a low level of uncertainty. Beyond calibrating weights we also offer optional stripping and painting of cast iron weights to ensure they maintain tolerances during

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Load Cells

Utilizing weights and high precision load cell standards, we use ASTM E4 calibration procedures to accurately calibrate all types of load cells in tension and compression up to 250,000 LBS.

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Torque Tools

Utilizing our extensive range of torque transducers, we are able to calibrate all of the various types of torque tools. Our calibration methods are based on the ISO 6789.

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Torque Transducers

Using our calibration weights in conjunction with a calibrated torque arm, we apply known torque to the transducer and perform the required adjustments.

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Force Gauges

Similar to scales, most force gauges under 200 lbs are calibrated with weights traceable through NIST. Larger gauges are calibrated using calibration grade load cells and a precision press. 

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Moisture Analyzers

Loss-in-weight moisture analyzers consist of a weighing element and a heating element. In order for accurate results, both elements need to be calibrated.

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Wheel Weighers

Also known as weigh pads, allow a truck or aircraft to be weighed by placing one under each wheel. We have the capabilities to calibrate wheel weighers up to 60,000 LBS.

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Hardness Testers

Data Weighing System technicians use a wide variety of NIST traceable standards to perform ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations of any Rockwell hardness scale needed.

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Our technicians use NIST traceable standards to perform ISO 17025 accredited calibrations of all types of microscope systems.

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