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Mecmesin Force Gauges and Test Stands

For over 35 years, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force test measurement products. We offer a fully comprehensive service ensuring you feel confident using the product and it provides you with reliable, accurate performance for years to come.

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BFG force gauge

Mecmesin BFG force gauge

High quality, simple to use force gauge for basic tension and compression testing … more >

Models Available: 6


  • 11 lbf x 0.002 lbf
  • 2.2 lbf x 0.0005 lbf
  • .....
  • 110 lbf x 0.02 lbf
  • 220 lbf x 0.05 lbf
Product Details
AFG Force Gauge

Mecmesin AFG Force Gauge

Our top-of-the-range AFG is the most accurate digital gauge in the world … more >

Models Available: 10


  • 2.2 lbf x 0.0005 lbf
  • 5.5 lbf x 0.001 lbf
  • .....
  • 55 lbf x 0.01 lbf
  • 1 lbf x 0.0002 lbf
Product Details

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