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At DWS, we understand the constant pressure faced by plastics manufactures to reduce costs yet meet increasing customer demands for perfection in every aspect of your process. That’s why you’ll find DWS in all areas of a plastics manufacturer. Our moisture analyzers verify resin drying times, our balances and force measurement devices are used for quality control and our counting scales are used to accurately fill boxes both manually and in automated box filling machines. So, give us a call today and find out how our experience can help you.

Super II Counting Scale

Setra Super II Counting Scale

The new Super II combines superior accuracy with custom prompting and label printing. … more >

Models Available: 12


  • 55 lb x 0.001 lb
  • 65 lb x 0.001 lb
  • .....
  • 110 lb x 0.002 lb
  • 4.4 lb x 0.00005 lb
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AFG Force Gauge

Mecmesin AFG Force Gauge

Our top-of-the-range AFG is the most accurate digital gauge in the world … more >

Models Available: 10


  • 2.2 lbf x 0.0005 lbf
  • 5.5 lbf x 0.001 lbf
  • .....
  • 55 lbf x 0.01 lbf
  • 1 lbf x 0.0002 lbf
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