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Discontinued Straightpoint Products

Straightpoint offers a unique range of load monitoring products for tension and compression applications. Most product configurations offer wireless connectivity for display, data collection, limit warnings or other calculations. Capacities from 50 lb to over 2000 tons for both dynamic and static load applications.

Active Straightpoint Products


11 discontinued products

Radiolink Plus

Straightpoint Radiolink Plus

 Wireless dynamometer with many options for display, data collection and harsh environments. … more >

Models Available: 15


  • 5,500 lb
  • 2,200 lb x 1 lb
  • .....
  • 660,000 lb x 200 lb
  • 14,300 lb x 2 lb
Product Details

Straightpoint Jumboweigher

A cost-effective alternative to more expensive options. yet a safer alternative to the many low cost alternatives available. … more >

Models Available: 4


  • 11,000 lb x 5 lb
  • 44,000 lb x 20 lb
  • 22,000 lb x 10 lb
Product Details

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