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Discontinued MSI Products

MSI established market leadership 20 years ago with the creation of an innovative industrial crane scale for dependable operation in harsh marine environments. The company's crane scales still set the industry standard, and today you can choose from four models that meet virtually any suspended weighing application. For the most demanding overhead weighing applications Data Weighing Systems recommends the MSI crane scales. Call today and ask your sales representative for assistance with your application for crane scales, hanging scales or integrated load cells for overhead weighing.

Active MSI Products


3 discontinued products

7200 Dynamometer

MSI 7200 Dynamometer

Used for line tension monitoring, pull testing, load indication and/or certification. … more >

Models Available: 13


  • 2.5 T x 5 lb
  • 12.5 T x 20 lb
  • .....
  • 50 T x 100 lb
  • 80 T x 200 lb
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