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Super Count counting scale
Super Count counting scale

Setra Super Count counting scale

The Setra Super Count counting scale counts parts more accurately than any other counting scale of the same capacity. The combination of a superior sensor and a simple intuitive process yield accurate counts on the widest range of parts.

New and reconditioned units in stock.

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Supercount 2.2
Supercount 5
Supercount 11
Supercount 27
Supercount 55
Supercount 75
Supercount 110
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Setra Super Count Features

Selectable supervisor function forces the use of the proper sample size and minimum weight. For example you can set the minimum samples size from 1 to 100 pieces, and the accuracy from 95-99.9%. If the accuracy can not be achieved with the sample size provided the scale will prompt for a greater sample. 

Internal database allows storage of Average Piece Weights(APW) and empty container weights(Tare) for 256 part numbers. After storing this first sample the operator can key in the part number and the scale will count the parts without the need to re-sample or enter a tare weight. 

Configurable RS-232 output of the Setra Scale can be set to communicate directly with your software or a printer. Also allows for a Barcode scanner in put

Store up to 10 custom label designs to be printed to a dot matrix printer or any thermal label printer. 




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