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Secura NTEP Balances
Secura NTEP Balances

Sartorius Secura NTEP Balances

The new Secura NTEP approved line of Sartorius balances features the latest in weighing technology to ensure precise Legal for Trade results.



The Sartorius Secura balances from Data Weighing Systems have a sensor that continuously checks to see if the balance is  level. If it detects any out of balance conditions, the operator will be  alerted to this potential risk and the  prompted to level the balance. Data transmission of the weight information over the USB  port will be stopped until you adjust the level.

Many auditors and other compliance officials will often site an out of level balance during a quality audit. While the actual impact on the results may be minimal the potential montary impact could be huge. If you can't prove that when the balance was last level an auditor could invalidate all work performed on that balance.  

Worry free USP Minimum Sample Weight Measurement.

Another favorite check for auditors is compliance with the USP minimum sample weight requirements.

The display  indicates when the minimum sample weight is less then required minimum limit. In addition, just like during an out of level condition, the balance will temporarily block data output.  This gives you prove of compliance that improper data cannot be inadvertently recorded or acted upon.


DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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