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PMA Explosion Proof Paint Scale
PMA Explosion Proof Paint Scale

Sartorius PMA Explosion Proof Paint Scale

Sartorius Paint-Mixing Scales meet all requirements when it comes to mixing paints fast, reliably and accurately under tough ambient conditions. All components of the compact and rugged housings are resistant to solvents. The round stainless steel weighing pan is easy to clean and features a wrap-around design. This means it has an overlapping rim that protects the weighing system all-around against dirt and spillage. Moreover, the Sartorius paint scale is protected against overloads. Whether you operate the display and control unit with thinner-stained gloves or paint-blotched fingers, you won’t have to worry about damaging the keypad overlay. Its advanced, easy to-clean design protects the key labeling from obliteration by paint jobs.


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This Sartorius paint scales includes the following features:
  • Approved for Class 1, Division 1, Groups CD Power Supply must be run to safe area.
  • Corrects non-conforming mixes (optional recalculation feature) 
  • Especially suited for mixing in tough ambient conditions
  • Housing parts resistant to solvents
  • Easy-to-clean keypad
  • Round stainless steel weighing pan is removable and features a wrap-around design
  • Reliable overload protection, side impact protection * Raised display unit, tiltable
  • Backlit liquid-crystal display
  • Conversion mode for other paint can sizes as a standard feature
  • Standard data interface



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