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MA 160 Moisture Analyzers
MA 160 Moisture Analyzers
MA 160 Moisture Analyzers
MA 160 Moisture Analyzers

Sartorius MA 160 Moisture Analyzers

Building upon the MA-37 platform the Sartorius MA160 offers more Program storage, increased Capacity and adjustably.  The brand new methods development tools will allow users to create and validate their samples on their own creating piece of mind and consistently accurate results.  This unit is a direct replacement for the previous MA150 and MA45 units.

Models (1)

200 g x 1 mg



  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Stores 100 test methods
  • Methods Development Applications for creating accurate programs for your samples
  • Stores 999 data results in internal memory
  • Removable hood for easy cleaning
  • Infrared Metal Heating elements provide consistent heating test after test
  • Mini USB interface with automatic wedging software for easy export to excel

Ideal Applications for the MA-160
  • Dressings, Condiments, baby food, fruit pouches
  • In process Biofuel products; Ethanol and Biodiesel
  • fruits and vegetables
  • Waste Water; Sludge, Cake, Slurry
  • Soils and aggregates
  • Paper and pulp
  • Grains, nuts, seeds, cereals and fibers




DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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