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LMA-200 Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer
LMA-200 Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer

Sartorius LMA-200 Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer

The Sartorius LMA-200 Moisture analyzer utilizes focused Microwave energy to rapidly remove moisture from samples delivering fast results. Test results can be obtained in seconds rather than minutes or hours. The Monolithic balance inside provides analytical precision to ensure your results are both fast and accurate.

Models (2)

LMA200PM-000EU LMA200PM-000U
LMA200PM-000EU LMA200PM-000U
70 g x 0.0001 g 70 g x 0.1 mg
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  • Ideal for high Moisture samples such as liquids, pastes or slurries ranging from 8%-100% Moisture
  • Rapid analysis 40-120 seconds for most samples depending on sample type and moisture content
  • Analytical weighing system offers 70g capacity with 0.1mg resolution
  • Rotating sample tray ensures equal distribution of microwave energy through out the sample
  • Patented Microwave chamber focuses microwave energy onto sample speeding up testing times
  • Fully adjustable end point settings; User defined, Automatic, timed.
  • Unique programs customized for your specific products

Ideal Applications

  • Dairy; Milk, cheese, Yogurt, Ice cream
  • Ethanol; Slurry, Liquefaction, Centrate, DDG, Syrup
  • Waste Water; Sludge, Cake, Slurry
  • Water Based Paint and Coatings
  • Dressings and Condiments and baby food
  • Produce; tomatoes, fruit, vegetable blends


  • Rapid loss on drying saves valuable testing time
  • Uniform Sample presentation creates consistent results
  • Applications support from moisture experts
  • Customize programs ensure accurate and repeatable measurements results




DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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