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Cubis 0.1 mg Analytical Balance
Cubis 0.1 mg Analytical Balance

Sartorius Cubis 0.1 mg Analytical Balance

The Cubis modular system offers you a choice of display and control units, weighing modules and draft shields.  The basic characteristics of your custom-tailored Cubis are defined by the particular combination of these modules.  Interface modules and a full range of accessories enable you to customize your analytical balance even further.  The new Sartorius Cubis has been designed for users who always need the best, but who want to invest only in what is necessary.



With this Sartorius analytical balance, you will always stay at the cutting edge without having to invest in completely new equipment.

 This is what makes the Cubis modular design so special, with a number of unique advantages:
1. Optimal interchangeability or extension of modules
2. Shorter innovation cycles for individual modules
3. Faster development of additional modules

Apart from aspects strictly involving metrological specifications, preparing for and performing a weighing procedure and meeting the relevant regulatory standards are gaining ever-increasing importance.

The ratio between the steps of the actual measurement procedure and the accompanying steps are decisive criteria for the efficiency of work sequences, especially for complex and frequently recurrent applications. In designing Cubis, we focused on this major aspect.

The new Q-Guide enables tasks and individual work sequences to be quickly configured for error-free performance.

The Cubis software and user interface eliminate the detours so you can get down to business.

Once you have defined a task, you are interactively guided straight to the settings needed for your application.

Irrelevant information is hidden. Only the application mode you select is displayed, making navigation even easier.

Just touch the USER key to gain access to User | Password Management. TASK enables you to select defined tasks directly.

As far as draft shields go, Cubis is also the new benchmark in the premium class.

All Cubis draft shields offer a number of hands-on, tangible benefits that eliminate the usual drawbacks. On conventional lab balances, easy-to-open draft shield doors are usually flimsy, and those with a sturdier construction obstruct the operator’s view.
Not so with Cubis: Despite their sturdy design, the doors are made of advanced materials so they glide open smoothly.

And their transparency allows optimal viewing of the entire weighing chamber and the sample inside. Yet the draft shield protects the balance from interfering effects outside.

Static electricity on the draft shields of conventional lab balances can cause weighing errors. Cubis eliminates this potential source of error thanks to the electrically conductive coating on the glass panels of its draft shield.

Sartorius is the first manufacturer to combine the maximum operating convenience provided by a motorized draft shield with minimum space requirements in its Cubis analytical and semi-microbalances.




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