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Cubis 2 High Capacity Microbalances
Cubis 2 High Capacity Microbalances

Sartorius Cubis 2 High Capacity Microbalances

Cubis II High Capacity, High Resolution Microbalances are the flagship of the balance line. Weighing module 66s provides 61-gram capacity combined with 1 microgram readability. Within the 1.0 microgram range Sartorius offers 31 gram, 61 gram & 111 gram x 2.0 microgram capacities. All weighing modules feature patented motorized leveling, automatic round glass draft chamber or stainless steel filter weighing module, hands free draft shield functionality, & chamber lighting. All weighing modules can be combined with an MCA (Advanced) or MCE (Essential) display/control module.




Customized Modularity 
A modular design and broad selection of capacity and readability options, draft shield types, weighing pans and displays enables 6,000 possible hardware configurations for optimized workflows. The initial hardware configuration can be enhanced over time with additional accessories. New software applications will be available ensuring long-term flexibility and adaptation to the evolving needs of the laboratory.

Powerful, Adaptable and Future Proof Software 
QApp software is adaptable to specific user requirements. A unique onboard QApp Center allows direct download of protocols and creation of customized applications to meet the needs of individual labs and users. Customers opting for a QApp package will receive all updates and new applications for that package, ensuring a future proof solution.

Seamless Connectivity 
Cubis II balances are easily integrated with laboratory software and LIMS systems, eliminating the need for separate software islands. LIMS/data collection software connectivity ensures data accuracy and readiness for regulatory agency submission.

Confident Compliance 
Cubis II balances fulfill all requirements for use in fully compliant processes for regulated markets such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology and applied markets including environmental, food and beverage, medical, chemical and automotive.

The Cubis II is the first balance to support all the requirements to achieve CFR part 11 and EU annex 11 compliance in a paperless manner, eliminating the possibility of process data or signature falsification. The balances ensure an authenticated electronic record from data acquisition to analysis. Control over user access levels and protocols, including the ability to pull logins directly from the user’s LIMS system, ensures traceability and limits potential errors.

DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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