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PR 6211 Tank and Hopper Load Cell
PR 6211 Tank and Hopper Load Cell
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec PR 6211 Tank and Hopper Load Cell

The Minebea Intec (formerly Sartorius)mounting kits are proven for tank and vessel weighing. Used with the PR6211 load cells, they form a complete weighing unit with the mounting kits to get the best weighing performance and allow for accurate weighing even when mixers or other motors are causing the material in the tank to move. Available in stainless steel or zinc plated.




The FlexLock installation kits counterbalance movements arising from mechanical or thermal expansion or contraction of the vessel or its supporting construction.

A particular design characteristic of some models is the thin-film or &; technology. This enables an operating temperature of up to 180°C to be reached. In addition, the small construction has integrated overload protection of 500kg.

At the same time, this Sartorius load cell range distinguishes itself above all for its unmatched reliability, robustness and stability, which enable trouble-free operation without adjustment, year after year.

The hermetically sealed enclosure and special TPE cable allow the unit to be used even under extreme operating conditions in harsh production environments.

The entire measurement chain can be calibrated without the use of a reference weight.

Due to &;matched output ; technology, a damaged load cell can be exchanged without the need for re-calibration. This saves a tremendous amount of time during commissioning.

An explosion-proof (Ex) version of this range of load cells is also available, as an option, for use in intrinsically sage environments



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