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Miras Bench Scale
Miras Bench Scale
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Miras Bench Scale

The Minebea Intec (formerly Sartorius) Midrics Bench Scale is a great scale for light industrial use. Utilizing the same technology as our more advanced Midrics and Combics units, this simple bench scale gives fast and accurate results. It can also perform so of the most common scale functions, such as parts counting and checkweighing. For portable applications simply install 6 D cell batteries.



– (1 inch) backlit “Amber” LCD display for easy viewing
– 15,000 divisions of displayed resolution
– Fast stability time
– Selectable units of measure: kg, lbs, oz & grams
– Checkweighing with numerical input (HI|OK|LO displayed)
– Counting with fixed reference samples: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
– Stainless steel weighing pan
– Painted steel frame under pan
– IP 65 protection against spills (weighing platform only)
– Optional Battery operation (six “D” size batteries)
– Built-in overload protection (150% of capacity without damaging scale)


Simple and Straight forward

Easy set-up and installation allow you to get started quickly and efficiently. Assemble the column and plug in your scale and you are ready to weigh. Large and well spaced keys make for convenient and easy use.


Selectable  upper and lower limits provide quick and convenient set-up. Display shows HI|OK|LO for fast operator feedback.

Simple counting function

Select fixed sample size (5, 10, 20, 50,or 100 pieces) with the function key. Place your sample count onto the scale and press enter. Then add the rest of your parts to be counted; the total number of pieces is shown on the display instantly. With a part in 15,000 resolution this bench scale counts parts more accurately than many scales that are purely designed for parts counting.

Net|Total formulation

With Miras bench scales, users can deduct and store the weight by pressing the tare button multiple times, up to the bench scale’s capacity, and can then toggle between gross and net weight. This function is ideal for weighing multiple ingredients for formulation purposes.

Easy Tare function with Gross/Net weight display

Place a container on the bench scale and press the tare key. The tare is automatically stored in memory and the net weight is displayed. The user can easily toggle the display between gross and net weight by pressing the Gross |Net key.


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