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Maxxis 4 System Controller
Maxxis 4 System Controller
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Maxxis 4 System Controller

The Maxxis 4 from Minebea Intec combines accuracy, connectivity and functionality to provide a process controller unlike any other. Specifically designed to fulfill many of the tasks manufacturers face today, the Maxxis 4 easily takes control of all modern automation processes. 

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As a multiple use device, the Maxxis 4 is pre-programmed to control a diverse range of complex applications. In conjunction with customers and partners Minebea Intec’ expert team of software engineers, have created software solutions that allow the unit to seamlessly integrate into any process. However, users who require it can utilize the easy to use IEC61131 programming language to implement their own unique functionalities. Equipped with an internal web server, the Maxxis 4 can be controlled via any standard web browser or a remote display with VNC capabilities. Additionally a wide range of interface options, USB connections and an Ethernet Port ensure the Maxxis 4 is able to connect with any existing infrastructure. The compact design in a panel enclosure allows space-saving installation in a cabinets. The Maxxis 4 is equipped with all the features users have come to expect from process technology, and numerous innovative ones that further simplify and increase the accuracy of industrial processes. Automatic back-ups save data to SD cards providing full transparency and traceability, whilst specifically tailored reports and service reports track overload and user changes and deliver this data direct to users. To make sure that even novice users can control complicated applications with ease, an integrated help function is installed on the Maxxis 4.


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