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Combics-IS Series High Precision Scales
Combics-IS Series High Precision Scales
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Combics-IS Series High Precision Scales

High-resolution weighing platforms are especially designed for use in tough industrial environments. They come with Minebea Intec (formerly Sartorius) entire technical expertise built in and are available in various sizes and designs. The weighing scale features a choice of digital interface ports and can be supplied as High-Resolution Weighing Platforms from 0.1 g to 300 kg.



The Combics series is an entirely new generation of industrial Minebea Intec (formerly Sartorius) weighing scales with the widest range of products and applications ever offered. Whether you need Minebea Intec Combics 10-lb low-capacity bases for precision parts counting or 10,000-lb 5 x 5 foot bulk floor scales, the solution is here. All bases and indicators are fully interchangeable using high-quality strain gauge technology.

Combics platforms provide the ultimate protection from almost every weighing hazard. Bases are constructed from painted steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and even 316 Ti stainless steel to ensure that corrosive, caustic and toxic materials won’t stop your production in the case of spills or rough handling. Every base is washdown and dust-tight, some even submersible. Easy-clean hydraulic lift, non-skid “diamond plate” and electropolished platforms meet all safe and sanitary requirements.

The real story behind Combics bases is the incredible range of each platform — up to 30,000 displayed weight divisions! The combination of Combics high performance indicators and bases brings a whole new world of accuracy you never dreamed possible in industrial scales. Of course, Combics platforms are compatible with virtually any load cell indicator, but why limit your performance? And you’ll be amazed at the extremely affordable prices!

Built in TEST Function
At a touch of one key, the scale calibrates itself automatically using a built-in weight. The scale can also output a test record via an online printer. For areas with ISO concerns, the FD scales are capable of transferring GLP/GMP compliant data via the RS232 interface which include scale model & serial #, date, time, calibration data, weight data and a space for the operator’s signature.

9 Built-in Application Programs
FD*U series scales come standard with 9 application programs including: formulation, animal weighing, checkweighing, weighing in percent, parts counting, totalizing, statistics, factor calculation and toggling between two different units of measure. The printout of these applications are line by line user definable.

IP65/67 Protection Rating
The IP67 protection rating of the platform provides excellent dust and water protection, even if temporarily submerged. That makes the FD suitable for use in tough industrial environments.

Easy, User-friendly Operation
The scales’ active display is easy to read from all angles and under different light conditions. The keyboard has large clearly marked keys that give you instant tactile feedback.

RS232 Data Interface
The FD*U series scales have an optional RS-232 interface with a bi-directional interface having an industrial IP65 connector, which allows for simple connection to a printer or computer for easy data acquisition and automation capabilities.




DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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