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SCT-2200 Signal Conditioning Transmitter
SCT-2200 Signal Conditioning Transmitter
Rice Lake

Rice Lake SCT-2200 Signal Conditioning Transmitter

For PLC systems that require weight data from a scale, Rice Lake’s compact SCT transmitters deliver equivalent signal-conditioning function without the cost or bulk of a full size weight indicator/controller. Rice Lake's SCT-2200 is DIN Rail mountable within a cabinet or control panel, where it converts a scale’s load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol. Unlike many other signal transmitters, the SCT-2200 has its own 0.3 inch weight display, with annunciators for unit and weighing status, and push buttons for zero, tare and setpoint entry, simplifying scale setup, calibration and operation.


HUB Mode connects up to 16 transmitters to one fieldbus

Quick menu for real and theoretical calibration

Remote access through web browser for weight monitoring and calibration over EtherNet/IP, Profinet and Modbus TCP network

Red LED display with six-digits (8 mm) and six LEDs show active functions

DIN rail mountable

Configurable calibration and setup parameters from keyboard

Calibration using linearization points

Reading of the net, gross and tare weights, clearing, semi-automatic and presettable tare, scale switch, setting of outputs application thresholds

Diagnostic information via serial port, message display, printing, simulation of key pressure, Modbus RTU

Two RS-485 port for "daisy-chain" network connection

Printer management on second serial port available

Multi-range function allows for subdividing the scale capacity in two, each up to 3,000 divisions

Modbus RTU ASCII protocol

DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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