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Triple Beam 700 Series
Triple Beam 700 Series

Ohaus Triple Beam 700 Series

The OHAUS Triple Beam continues to set the standard for accuracy and durability for mechanical balances. The Triple Beam is recognized around the world as the number one mechanical balance for precise weight determination and long-term use.



Superior magnetic damping provides stable results three times faster than any other three-beam balance on the market.

Five weighing pans of different sizes and designs can accommodate materials for a variety of weighing applications.

  • A counterbalancing knob provides quick zeroing of the balance while a self-aligning beam helps ensure accurate results.
  • Easy-to-read notched and tiered beams, self-aligning beam design, magnetic dampening to minimize oscillation and speed weighing, zero adjust compensator
  • Construction: Metal base and beam, stainless steel pan
  • Display: Easy to-read deep-notched, tiered beams and dial plates
  • Applications: Weighing


DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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