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Explorer Series NTEP approved
Explorer Series NTEP approved

Ohaus Explorer Series NTEP approved

The OHAUS Explorer Series of  balances combine modern features and design elements to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other on the market. These smart and intuitive balances and all of their intelligent features simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements.

Large pan sizes and high accuracy NTEP approved units with up to 35kg of capacity. 

Models (5)

EX10201N EX4202N EX423N EX10202N EX1103N
EX10201N EX4202N EX423N EX10202N EX1103N
10.2 kg x 0.1 g 4,200 g x 0.01 g 420 g x 1 mg 10.2 kg x 0.01 g 1,100 g x 1 mg
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DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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