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4300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale
4300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale

MSI 4300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale

The Measurement Systems International Porta-Weigh Plus Crane Scale represents a new level of technology and performance in the scale industry. A 16 bit microcontroller coupled with an alphanumeric display gives unprecedented versatility and programmability from a crane scale. Advanced power saving circuitry provides in excess of 2000 hours of operating time from ordinary “D” cell alkaline batteries. The large, backlit alphanumeric display provides precise, unambiguous indication of operating modes such as Net and Gross. Digital calibration simplifies crane scale maintenance. The single circuit board, fully shock mounted and marine-proof construction makes for a rugged and reliable overhead scale.

Models (10)

4300-500 LB 4300-2K 4300-5K 4300-10K 4300-20K 4300-30K 4300-50K 4300-35T 4300-50T 4300-Custom
4300-500 LB 4300-2K 4300-5K 4300-10K 4300-20K 4300-30K 4300-50K 4300-35T 4300-50T 4300-Custom
0.25 T x 0.2 lb 1 T x 1 lb 2.5 T x 1 lb 5 T x 2 lb 10 T x 5 lb 15 T x 10 lb 25 T x 20 lb 35 T x 20 lb 50 T x 20 lb 500,000 lb x 20 lb
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 Features: 4300 Crane Scale

  • Designed to meet or exceed all USA, Canadian, United Kingdom, and
    International standards.
  • Rugged construction throughout. Single printed circuit board is shock
    mounted to withstand shocks in excess of 50 G’s. Switches are totally
    sealed and rated for over 10 million operations.
  • Precise high resolution 20 bit A/D conversion coupled with advanced 16 bit
    microcontroller provides world class features and accuracy.
  • Six 1.65 inch high (42 mm) digits for clear crane scale weight readings from a distance.
  • Easy to read annunciation of measurement modes such as NET or GROSS
    scale readings are provided on eight .825 inch (20.9 mm) alphanumeric characters. Also used for menu prompts.
  • Display illumination uses rugged, long life, electroluminescent backlighting
    coupled with a transflective liquid crystal display providing optimum
    display contrast under all ambient conditions from full sunlight to total
    darkness. Operation is light-sensing automatic or manually set.
  • Exceptional battery life: Typically 2000 hours of continuous use provided by
    8 alkaline “D” cell batteries. Maximum battery life is reduced by use of the
    backlighting; full time low light operation will provide up to 300 hours of
    operation. A typical operating cycle of 8 hours daylight use and 2 hours night
    use will provide 10 months of operation on a single battery change. The
    Porta-Weigh Plus Crane Scale will automatically power down when not in use (this feature can be disabled). A low battery indication appears when approximately 10% of battery life remains.
  • Easy to maintain: Full digital crane scale calibration assures reliable, repeatable measurements.
  • Complete marine sealing ensures reliable operations under harsh weather
  • Anti-EMI shielding is standard. Low emissions and susceptibility.
  • Easily customized for special applications.
  • IR Remote control is available as an option. Adds keyboard tare and other





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