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ADS-EDS Dial Measuring Torque Wrench
ADS-EDS Dial Measuring Torque Wrench
ADS-EDS Dial Measuring Torque Wrench
ADS-EDS Dial Measuring Torque Wrench

Mountz ADS-EDS Dial Measuring Torque Wrench

Dial wrenches are typically used as a quality control instrument to verify or monitor torque. However, some customers find them a resourceful production tool. In all cases, Mountz dial wrenches are found to offer unmatched performance for several reasons. First, they are simple and easy to calibrate. Second, they incorporate an overload protection device to prevent over-torque and damage to parts or to the wrench. Third, Mountz dial wrenches are non-length dependent, which means an operator can hold the wrench anywhere along the handle and the exact torque will be achieved. Lastly, the wrench offers a built-in ratchet mechanism.

Models (10)

20113 20114 20108 20110 20117 DDS2000 20119 20120 020105 020107
ADS25F Dial Wrench 3/8 " Sq Dr
ADS40F Dial Wrench (3/8" Sq Dr
120 ft lb x 2 ft lb 160 ft lb x 5 ft lb 60 ft lb x 1 ft lb 60 ft lb x 1 ft lb 300 ft lb x 10 ft lb 1,500 ft lb x 50 ft lb 600 ft lb x 20 ft lb 1,000 ft lb x 25 ft lb 18 ft lb x 0.5 ft lb 30 ft lb x 1 ft lb
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  • The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789:1992 ( +/- 4% of reading).
  • Non-length dependent.
  • Dual scale in American and S.I. units. Single scale models are available upon request.
  • Quality constructed for accuracy and reliability with an attractive abrasive resistant finish for longer life and ease in identification.
  • Mechanical stop provides overload protection to 125% of full scale.
  • Main and memory pointers provide accurate readings.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle (w/non-slip grip) for improved balance. Scuff resistant non-slip finish.
  • Standard double-ended spindle ratchet mechanism allows for left handed torque applications.
  • Single-end spindles available upon request.
  • Exclusive built-in ratchet mechanism.
  • Recessed dial minimizes dial breakage.
  • Torque indicating signal light - standard on CDS, DDS and EDS models. Optional on certain ADS and BDS models.
  • Models serial number labeled for instant identification and traceability.
  • ADS models are ESD compliant (IEC 61340-5-1:1998). BDS, CDS, DDS and EDS models are available in ESD upon request.

Special extension spanners are available upon request. When ordering, please provide the following information:
A) Square Drive Size
B) Size of spanner end
C) End type - Box, Open or Flared
E) Center distance between the square drive and the spanner end fitting
T) Maximum torque to be applied
Note: Due to the low torque ranges and high accuracy, it is recommended that Models ADS4 & ADS8 should not be used with Extension Spanners



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