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X-C Force Gauge (Compression)
X-C Force Gauge (Compression)

Dillon X-C Force Gauge (Compression)

This mechanical force gauge is used for measuring inline loads in a wide variety of applications. Load is applied against a hardened ball which rotates to maintain vertical alignment as pressure increases. The ball is held in place with a spring clip. The threaded mounting hole is located opposite the loading ball in the bottom of the beam. KG units are available



Mechanical Force Gauge Options include:

  • Max pointer which remains at peak load until manually reset.
  • Shockless dial indicator for installations involving the sudden application or release of force.
  • KG or Newton capacities

Principle of operation:

A D-shaped deflection beam is the heart of the Dillon Mechanical Force Gauge. Machined to close tolerances, beams are heat treated to develop optimum strength and spring characteristics. High-strength aluminum is used in Model X instruments through 500 lb (200 kg). Ranges above this are fabricated from aircraft-quality alloy steel.  A precision dial indicator is mounted at the null point of the deflection beam. The indicator plunger rests against a slanted anvil at the open end of the beam, as shown in the photo. Under compression loads, the two halves of the beam tend to close. Tension force causes them to move apart. This action pushes the plunger inward, as determined by the slant of the anvil. Readings produced on the dial are in direct relation to applied load. The pointer revolves 360° clockwise under compression or tension forces. Push-pull gauges read half scale (180°) clockwise in compression, and counterclockwise, 180° from center zero under tension loads.

Low beam deflection:

When measured across the center of top- and bottom-loading holes,
the approximate beam deflection is as follows:

25 to 250-lb capacity 0.019"
(10 to 100 kg)

500-lb capacity 0.016"
(200 kg)

1,000-lb capacity 0.018"
(500 kg)

2,000-lb capacity 0.011"
(1000 kg)

5- and 10,000-lb capacity 0.010"
(2 and 5,000 kg)

25- and 50,000-lb capacity 0.022"
(10 and 20,000 kg)

Overload rating:

Accidental overloads up to 30% of capacity can be safely sustained without injury to the dial indicator or deflection beam. All capacities feature a 5:1 design safety factor.

General information:

  • To reset zero, loosen knurled bezel-locking screw and rotate dial.
  • Dillon Model X Force Gauges may be mounted horizontally, vertically, or flat.
  • The baked-enamel finish resists corrosion and rust.
  • Operating temperature up to 120° F.




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