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GC-12 Reel Counter
GC-12 Reel Counter
DDM Novastar (APS)

DDM Novastar (APS) GC-12 Reel Counter

This easy to use and reliable reel counter has proven itself for cycle counts and physical inventories. Easy transition between SMD, Axial, and Radial components.  Unlike other reel counters this unit has its own free standing base eliminating the need to clamp it to a table.

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APS GC-12 Reel Counter features

Keep accurate tape and reel inventories

  • Forward/reverse function makes reel counting foolproof
  • Counts taped SMD, axial and radial components in one unit
  • Divide-by feature permits exact count of virtually all types and sizes of components
  • Non-contact photoelectric infrared smart sensor
  • Push-button marks axial and radial component tape
  • Counts up to 100 components/sec.
  • 100% guaranteed accuracy & reliability

Tips for Counting reel components during inventory:

  • Save empty reels, the components need to be transferred to an empty reel to count.
  • Line up like parts to count together to reduce setup time.
  • Budget 5 minutes per reel

How does a reel counter work?

The reel counter uses a photo eye sensor to count the leads on axial and radial components such as capacitors and resistors.  For SMD surface mount components the same photo eye counts the holes in the tape.  There is a divide by feature that allows the reel counter to give the correct count in cases where there are two components per hole or multiple holes per component.


Many of our reel counter customers have found our Setra EZ count series extremely accurate for counting small loose parts.




DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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