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Load, Angle and A2B system
Load, Angle and A2B system
Cranesmart Systems

Cranesmart Systems Load, Angle and A2B system

Any combination of load, angle, A2B, wind speed or full LMI - one panel, all wireless. The Cranesmart System has no exposed wires or connectors to break or corrode. It is built with no moving parts, eliminating the hassle and expense of maintenance and downtime. Models with Class 1, Division 1, 2 (zone 1, 2) approvals make it simple to outfit cranes in hazardous areas. Manufactured with corrosion proof materials, these devices are proven in marine environments.

Models (4)

2001-9012-0000 7.5T Loadcell 15T Loadcell 40T Loadcell
Anti-2-block Sensor
7.5T Loadcell 15T Loadcell 40T Loadcell
7.5 T x 100 lb 15 T x 100 lb 40 T x 500 lb
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The Cranesmart LMI System has no moving parts, hydraulic hoses, or cable reels. It provides the information that crane operators need to lift safely and securely with unequaled accuracy and reliability. The display panel has a large clear display that is easy to read and understand, day or night.

The following display information is available at a glance:
• Boom angle
• Boom radius
• Maximum rated load
• Actual load lifted
• Load as a percentage of maximum
• Current load chart title

The following information is displayed with the push of a button:
• Tip height
• Boom length
• Parts-of-line
• Load chart details
• Wind speed
• Azimuth (slew)
• High and low presets

The Cranesmart System provides an alarm and output signal for function shut-downs under the following conditions:
• Approaching two-block
• Min/max angle exceeded
• Min/max load exceeded
• Min/max radius exceeded
• Min/max tip height exceeded
• Maximum rated load moment exceeded
• Wind speed exceeded

Cranesmart Approvals:

Cranesmart Systems' crane safety equipment is approved and/or meets or exceeds the guidelines set forth by the following regulatory bodies



 APIU.S. Navy 


DNV U.S. Army Corp or Engineers 
 ASME FCC U.S. Coast Guard
 OSHA ABS The City of New York
 UL CSA International Makers of Explosives



DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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