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ZK830 Counting Scale
ZK830 Counting Scale
ZK830 Counting Scale
ZK830 Counting Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZK830 Counting Scale

The ZK830 combines exceptional accuracy, reliability and robustness in a single design. Programmed with multiple applications, the ZK830 can maximize operator efficiency in many different industrial environments, from counting and checkweighing to general high resolution weighing tasks.

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AWT05-508915 AWT05-508916 AWT05-508917 AWT05-508918 AWT05-508919 AWT05-508920 AWT05-508921 AWT05-508922 AWT05-508923 AWT05-508924 AWT05-508925 AWT05-508926
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A high resolution robust digital Quartzell base designed to be used in one of these three possible applications: 1) Counting scale with up to 40 stored PLUs and the ability to link up PC, scanner, printers and a remote base. 2) Checkweighing scale with up to 40 stored PLU target weights with the ability to run optional under, over and accept stack light. 3) Bench scale that gives balance accuracy for use in an industrial environment, with the ability to operate in Percentage Weighing or High Resolution mode. The ZK830 comes as standard with two bi-directional RS232 ports, one USB, one Ethernet and three I/Os. It can be fitted with a wireless card or connection to a second analog base card. This allows a wide range of peripheral devices to be connected, from a PC to printers, scanners, stack lights and second remote bases (analog or BSQ) to a remote display. Fully configurable capacity range to give 100,000d non legal for trade or legal for trade to 10,000d NTEP class III."



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