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FLI indicators
FLI indicators
FLI indicators
FLI indicators
Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix FLI indicators

Simply attach the FLSC 5000 lb scale carriage to an existing Class II cleat-type forklift carriage and mount the FLI 225/425 instrument in a convenient driver location.




FLI 225 instrument NTEP CC# 07-091, category 3

FLI 425 instrument NTEP CC# 07-025, category 3


Power Input 9 to36 vdc, 3.5 Amp, Inactive stand by mode



FLI 225 - High contrast backlit transflective LCD dot matrix. Custom designed font ¾” high digits. Classic and Expanded Operational Modes


FLI 425 - 7” backlit multi colored touch screen TFT LCD display, 800 x 480 resolution. 1” high custom font weight values, adjustable contrast


Operational Keys

FLI 225 - On/Off, Zero, Print, Select, Tare, F1-F4

FLI 425 - Hard keys On/Off, F1, Store, Zero, many touch activated keys


Operational Images

FLI 225 - Weight, LB/KG, Motion, Center of Zero, Weigh mode, Wireless carriage communication status, Operator status messages and Battery status of FLW 100

 FLI 425 - Weight, LB/KG, Weigh mode, Motion, Center of Zero, Date/Time, Number of stored records, Pro Number, Actual Pieces, Accumulated Pieces, Employee ID, Accumulated Weight, Abort, Complete, Alpha Numeric entry screen, Wi-Fi data radio link status, Wi-Fi wireless carriage status, wireless scale carriage battery status, and multiple user messages including diagnostic management with predictive alerts


Angle Compensation

Detects and automatically compensates for out of level accurate weighing


Communication Ports

FLI 225 - Two RS 232 serial ports

FLI 425 - RS 232 serial, USB, Ethernet, Compact flash memory, Compact flash Wi-Fi


Operating Environment Legal 14° to 104° F (-10° to +40° C), industrial -34° to +65° C


Audio FLI 425 - Internal speaker



FLI 225 - Composite with tilt and swivel brackets, designed to IP65


FLI 425 - Cast aluminum with high grade powder paint. Soft surround wrap provides operator head protection. Tilt and swivel brackets, with vibration isolation



FLI 225 - 8.14”W x 5.19”H x 4.03” D includes mounting bracket

FLI 425 - 10.75”W x 7.44” H x 4.5” D includes mounting bracket



FLI 225 - 4 LB / 1.8 KG

FLI 425 - 7 LB / 3.2 KG



 FLI 225 - FLP 100 power conditioner 24 to 72 vdc, FLW 100 wireless instrument to scale, barcode scanner, RM 200 Wi-Fi data 802.11b/g, RM 100 Bluetooth®

FLI 425 - FLP 100 power conditioner 24 to 72 vdc, FLW 100 wireless instrument to scale, barcode scanner, RM 200 Wi-Fi data 802.11b/g, RM 100 Bluetooth, Compact flash Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Compact memory

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