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DW Drum Weighing Scale
DW Drum Weighing Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix DW Drum Weighing Scale

The Drum Weigher is a multi-purpose low profile scale allowing wheeled bins and drums to be easily pushed on and off while being strong enough to support pallets loaded from the side. It was designed to operate under some of the most intense and demanding weighing requirements - remaining strong and rugged while providing fast, accurate readings at all times. The Drum Weigher’s durability is reinforced by six steel channels which are 3¼” wide supporting the 30” x 30” weighing surface.



Low profile design – With a weighing surface that is only 1.5 inches off the ground, the Drum Weigher allows operators to safely and effortlessly push loaded carts up onto the scale. The strong, smooth surfaced rails can support the scale if loaded from the side with a forklift truck. The increased height allows pallets/silages to be placed on the side rails and still allows easy access for the forklift to enter and easily retract.

Exceptional accuracy – The Drum Weigher includes the revolutionary Weigh Bar® designed to exceed the accuracy levels of a traditional load cell. The Weigh Bar is rugged, reliable and highly precise. 

Material finish – The Drum Weigher is available in carbon and stainless steel. The 304 stainless steel scale provides excellent corrosion resistance to various chemicals and industrial atmospheres.

Serviceability  – The Drum Weigher design provides easy access to the Weigh Bars and junction box for timely and routine maintenance. The removable cover plate grants easy access for calibration and service.

Inherent protection – The junction card enclosure is welded into the deck frame providing protection for sensitive components and additional strength to the frame. The Weigh Bar cables entering the box are protected by watertight hubs.

Side rails – The side rails on the Drum Weigher provide a two way access for loading. Larger sized objects can be placed on the side rails which also serve as part of the weighing surface.

Paint finish – The hard-wearing light blue powder coating gives extra added protection to the floor scale when used in indoor or outdoor applications.

Axle loading – The Drum Weigher has a 50% axle load rating.

DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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