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AutoTrickler V3 Package
AutoTrickler V3 Package

OneZero Innovations AutoTrickler V3 Package

New V3 AutoTrickler package options. Choose between the FX-120i and the high precision .002gr Sartorius Entris64



The V3 AutoThrow has been completely reengineered from the ground up with motorized operation in mind.

Instead of modifying an off-the-shelf powder measure, the V3 model is an original CNC machined design that cycles smoothly and reliably with a wider variety of powders.

Ball bearings hold the rotating aluminum drum against a nylon and rubber seal which ensures that fine powders like CFE223 will not leak internally and no manual adjustments are needed.

The V3 AutoThrow is the ideal solution to the problem of reliably providing a bulk starting charge within 0.1 grains for the AutoTrickler to finish to the kernel.

DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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