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GX Series
GX Series

A&D GX Series

This product series has been discontinued.

The GX internal calibration with an internal mass saves time and money.  

External calibration requires a great deal of skill, time and an expensive external mass. 

Our internal calibration means there is no downtime while a technician calibrates the balance.

• Automatic Self Calibration — Self-calibrates automatically
 when the balance detects ambient temperature changes.

• One Touch Automatic Calibration — Lets you calibrate the
 balance on demand with just the push of one button.

• Calibration is essential for accuracy in weighing. For example,  in high resolution balances, changes in sensitivity drift can  be caused by changes in the ambient temperature. Take the GX  600 for example, the weight might change by ±0.010g with a  change of 10°C. (Sample’s weight: 500g)

• The GX’s internal calibration mass is adjusted to an “OIML  F1 class level.” by the standard balance calibrated with an  “OIML E2 class level mass”. (The GX’s internal calibration mass  is not “the standard mass for legal metrology” nor “OIML’s level  of calibration mass.” Instead it is the mass for adjustment.)

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