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GF series NTEP Approved
GF series NTEP Approved

A&D GF series NTEP Approved

VFD – Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Large VFD is clearly visible even in a poorly-lit workplace.

In accordance with GLP and LIMS regulations, the balance ID number and calibration data can be printed out using A&D’s AD-8121B or a PC.

ACAI – Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement
This counting function recalculates the average unit weight each time a sample is added to eliminate errors caused by variations in unit weight.

Quick Reference Card
A convenient operating guide is located at the bottom of the balance.

The response rate is set automatically at either FAST, MID, or SLOW depending on the environmental conditions. (Manual selection is available for the GF Series.)

Models (6)

GF-200N GF-6000N GF-2000N GF-1200N GF-300N GF-3000N
GF-200N GF-6000N GF-2000N GF-1200N GF-300N GF-3000N
210 g x 1 mg 6,100 g x 0.1 g 2,100 g x 0.01 g 1,210 g x 0.01 g 310 g x 1 mg 3,100 g x 0.01 g
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