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AD-4212A/B/C /D Series
AD-4212A/B/C /D Series

A&D AD-4212A/B/C /D Series

High speed response of 0.8 seconds and high precision weighing resolution of 0.1mg using Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology for an extremely weighing system.



To improve productivity, you can create your own weighing system using the AD-4212A Precision Weighing Sensor.
The compact design, as well as the separate weighing unit and display unit, ensure easy installation of the SHS at any stage of your weighing system.
High speed weighing response time The SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) offers a high speed weighing response time of approximately 0.8 seconds for 1mg
weighing sensitivity and approximately 1.1 seconds for 0.1mg weighing sensitivity.

High resolution and capacity
Available models include 110g x 0.1mg, 210g x 1mg, 610g x 1mg and 1100g x 1mg.
Compact design The weighing sensor unit is extremely compact ( 80 x 230 x 90 mm ) and ideal for easy installation with weighing systems.
Separate weighing sensor unit and display unit The weighing sensor unit and display unit are connected with a cable 2m in length. An optional 3m cable ( OP-07 )
makes a maximum length of 5m possible for diverse applications. (Can be extended further with RS-232C)

It is easy to install the display unit into the panel of the control box providing easy operation and space economization.
Comparator function and Buzzer function A three-level comparator output (HI, OK or LO indicator) with I/O, as well as a Buzzer function, provide a simple and
easy design solution for any precise weighing system.

External input function
The Re-Zero and Print key function can be controlled externally using the I/O D-Sub 25-pin connector.
Auto Power ON and OFF function When the balance is plugged in, the ON function is automatically displayed. The OFF function will activate
automatically if the balance is not operated for 10 minutes.

Auto Zero display after data output
Possible to set the display to automatically adjust to Zero after weight data is output.

Full Digital Calibration function
Simple and easy to calibrate with standard calibration mass for weighing accuracy. 

Response Speed setting function
Function available to select optimum response speed from FAST, MID or SLOW. 

WinCT software
Windows Communication Tools (WinCT) software for the high-speed transmission of weight data to a PC, and the ability to control the
AD-4212A by sending commands. 

Data memory function
Capable of storing any of the following; 200 weight measurements, 100 weight measurements with time & date, 50 calibration &
calibration test measurements, 20 unit weight measurements for counting mode or 20 comparator setting limits values.

Standard interface function of bi-directional RS-232C for weighing data transmission and control of the AD-4212A.

Ethernet interface
Optional Ethernet interface (OP-08) for high-speed weight data transmission and multi-weighing lines application.
( Comes with application software WinCT-plus in CD-ROM. )


DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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