TE Series Analytical Balance

Sartorius TE Series Analytical Balance

The performance specifications of the Sartorius Talent series of analytical balances set new accents in the class of compact and affordable laboratory balances. Whether you need to weigh in laboratories, vocational training facilities, classrooms or in the field, with a Sartorius Talent series balance you’ll always have just the right equipment.

TE Series Analytical Balance
Model Pan SizeCapacityReadability  
TE64S 90 mm/3.5"60 g.1 mg   Add to Quote Full Specs
TE124S 90 mm/3.5"120 g.1 mg   Add to Quote Full Specs
TE214S 90 mm/3.5"210 g.1 mg   Add to Quote Full Specs


Simply easy – zero-error operation

This is where the new models prove their special talents. Just set them up, switch them on and you’ll be “on your weigh” – operation doesn’t get any easier than this. On top of this are two additional “talents” that ensure error-free weighing: the high-quality display for easy reading and keys featuring positive click action. These analytical balances have a talent for showing weight readouts within seconds. This makes weighing routines a real pleasure, especially when you’re dealing with high sample throughputs.

Simply reliable –built with the ideal design framework

Superb weighing system technology, rugged construction of the balance housing, a sleek stainless steel weighing pan and a keypad sealed by an overlay ensure years of reliable service and weighing accuracy.

Simply integrated – application software

These Sartorius analytical balances come standard with a variety of application programs built in, helping to simplify routine tasks:

  • Weighing in percent
  • Net-total formulation
  • Averaging | dynamic weighing
  • Counting of small parts
  • Toggling between two weight units


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