Sartorius 623S


The Cubis modular system offers you a choice of display and control units, weighing modules and draft shields.  The basic characteristics of your custom-tailored Cubis are defined by the particular combination of these modules.  Interface modules and a full range of accessories enable you to customize your balance even further.  The new Sartorius Cubis has been designed for users who always need the best, but who want to invest only in what is necessary.

Capacity 620 g
Readability .001 g
Reproducibility +/-.7 mg
Linearity +/- 2 mg
Average stablization time 0.8 second
Average response time 1 second
USP minimum sample 1.5 grams
Calibration Weight 500 g

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YDP20-0CE Data Printer
Sartorius YDP20-0CE Data Printer
Data Printer with Statistics and time/date functions for all Sartorius balances and scales.

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