4260 Port-A-Weigh Crane Scale

MSI 4260 Port-A-Weigh Crane Scale

With the introduction of the original MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh in 1979, it quickly replaced mechanical crane scales in the Alaskan fishing industry. Exceptional ruggedness and accuracy made it the only legal-for-trade scale for a harsh marine environment. With periodic design updates, the MSI-4260 remains the workhorse of the heavy-duty crane scale market.

4260 Port-A-Weigh Crane Scale
Model CapacityReadability  
4260-.25 T 500 lb0.2 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-1T 2,000 lb1 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-2.5 T 5,000 lb1 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-5 T 10,000 Lbs2 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-10 T 20,000 Lbs5 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-15 T 30,000 Lbs10 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-25 T 50,000 Lbs10 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-35 T 70,000 Lbs20 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs
4260-50 T 100,000 Lbs20 lb   Add to Quote Full Specs


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The NTEP approved Port A Weigh  with an accuracy of 0.1% of the applied load, is approved for use in legal for trade applications.  The Port-A-Weigh's rugged, NEMA IV enclosure provides you many years of dependable operation in the harshest industrial and marine applications. With the Factory Mutual option the scale is approved for use in flamable environments, and with an optional configuration it is ideally suited for high-heat applications. With standard capacities that range from 500 pounds to 50 tons, you can use a Port-A-Weigh for virtually any overhead weighing need.


Some of the more additional features you get with a Port-A-Weigh include: shock-mounted electronics, rugged cast aluminum alloy housing, 50 hours of continuous operation between battery charges, and digital filtering for superior readout stability .


  • NIST and OIML approved for use in commerciatrade (contact factory for U.S. and Internationalspecs Class III & IIIL)
    • Presettable Tare control
    • Remote ON/ZERO Controller (not available on NIST or OIML approved units)
    • Remote load cell input and summing
    • Marine bulkhead (recommended for outdoor applications)
    • Substitute shackle for bottom swivel hook (possible headroom loss reduction)
    • Oversized top lifting eye or shackle
    • AC/DC input power 115/230 VAC and 12 -250 VDC (specify required voltage)
    • EMI shield (recommended for applications above magnet)
    • Heat shield for high temperature applications (contact factory for operating specifications)
    • Factory Mutual Approved (intrinsically safe foruse in hazardous environments): Class I, II, III DIV. 1, Group C, D, E, F, & G DIV. 2, Group A, B, C, D, & G
    • LED digital display (0.8 inch high)
    • 230 VAC battery charger



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