Lift Truck Scale

LTS Lift Truck Scale

The Filing Scale System does not connect to the truck's hydraulic system. Lifting, weighing, counting, accumulating, and transporting are accomplished as a single, efficient operation. The receiving weight ensures that the customer is getting all they are paying for. The shipping weight assures correct shipments, on-the-spot stock control, maintenance of accurate inventory records, and the parts (or material) weight aids in production control.

Lift Truck Scale
Model CapacityReadability  
LTEC-16-3k 3000 LB2 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
LTEC-16-5k 5000 LB1 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
LTEC-16-6k 6000 LB2 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
LTEC-20-8k 8000 LB2 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
LTEC-20-10k 10000 LB5 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
LTEC-20-15k 15000 LB5 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
LTEC-25-20k 20000 LB5 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs


Accuracy: Digital accuracy to 1/10th of 1% of scale capacity with the lift truck mast in a level position (Note: An option is available that would automatically maintain this high degree of accuracy even in an out-of-level condition).

Durability: Filing Lift Truck Scales utilize a system of multiple flexures, which absorbs the constant shock of load-bearing while transferring the weight to a single-cell load mechanism. These critical elements have no moving parts, reducing the possibility of failure. Flexures are manufactured from 1095 hardened spring steel. This combined (flexure/single-cell) design provides superior load-sample linearity, as well as both heel-to-toe and fork-to-fork accuracy with greatly enhanced durability.

Safety: All Filing Lift Truck Scales feature an exclusive design incorporating two sturdy bolts that impart a 5-1 safety margin. These safety bolts secure the load even if the scale is damaged by overlifting (accidental misuse or abuse). The load cell rating has been exceeded in tests by 300% without damage to the cell. Filing guarantees that loads on both safety bolts and load cell may routinely be exceeded by 200% (doubled) without damage to the scale or safety risk (Note: Damage may result to the forklift itself, if its capacity is exceeded).

Serviceability: Flexures are designed for easy, on-the-spot replacement, thus eliminating costly downtime.  Load cells are totally field replaceable, using customer maintenance personnel. Easy-to-follow instructions are packed with every unit, and are repeated with customer ownership packet.

Power Supply: Our DR2100 and DR2100A Electronic Indicators operate off of the existing forklift power from 12VDC to 48VDC. As an alternative LTS Scale can provide a battery pack system that will operate the scale and indicator independently of the lift truck's electrical system.

Ease of Installation: Conforming dimensionally to standard I.T.A. Specifications for Cleat - (hook) type lift trucks, Filing Scales attach readily to Class II, III, IV Carriages. The 10-step installation procedure is accomplished with ease in under two hours (Note: Installation of optional bar-mounted equipment may take longer). For details of installation procedure, refer to the "Installation Procedure" manual packed with each unit.

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