At Data Weighing Systems we understand the constant pressure faced by plastics manufactures to reduce costs yet meet the increasing customer demands for perfection in every aspect of your process. You’ll find Data Weighing Systems in all areas of a plastics manufacturer. Our moisture analyzers verify resin drying times, our balances and force measurement devices are used for quality control, and our counting scales are used to accurately fill boxes both manually and in automated box filling machines. Contact us today and find out how our experience can help you.
Rental weighing and counting equipment is ideal for a variety of short term measuring needs. View our rental scales and balances.
  Models Capacities  
Super-Count counting scale
Setra Super-Count counting scale
The Super Count couples the benefits of Setra's high resolution ceramic sensor with an intelligently designed full-function keyboard to deliver a high accuracy.
7 1,000 g x .01g
2,500 g x .02g
34,000 g x 1g
50,000 g x 1g
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AFG Force Gauge
Mecmesin AFG Force Gauge
Our top-of-the-range AFG is the most accurate digital gauge in the world
10 0.5 x 0.0001 lbf
1 x 0.0002 lbf
220 x 0.05 lbf
550 x 0.1 lbf
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Combics Pre-Configured Bench Scales
Sartorius Combics Pre-Configured Bench Scales
Preconfigured Comibcs Bench Scales include our most popular combination of Bases and Displays.
9 10 x .0002 lb
20 x .0005 lb
100 x .002 lb
200 x .005 lb
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EZ-2 Counting Scale
Setra EZ-2 Counting Scale
The EZ2 counting scale with only two keys is remarkably easy to use.
3 500 g x .005g
2,000 g x .02g
5,000 g x .05g
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Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer
Sartorius Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer
The Mark 3 series unit offers a modular design to accommodate any moisture testing application Combining Precision analytical results with personalized customization. Optimize your system today.
2 100g x 1mg (0.01%)
100g x 0.1mg (0.001%)
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PMA Explosion Proof Paint Scale
Sartorius PMA Explosion Proof Paint Scale
Explosion-Proof Paint Scale. Used for mixing 1 gallon paint cans with .1 gram accuracy.
3 7,500 g x 0.05/0.1g
7,500 g x .1g
35 kg x .5g/1g
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Super II Counting Scale
Setra Super II Counting Scale
The new Super II combines superior accuracy with custom promting and label printing.
7 2,000 g x .02g
5,000 g x .05g
30,000 g x .5g
50,000 g x 1g
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Weight Kit,100g-1g ASTM Class 1 SST Polished
Rice Lake Weight Kit,100g-1g ASTM Class 1 SST Polished
Polished Stainless Steel test weights sealed to Class 1 tolerances.
1 1g-100g
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