Quick-Check Tension Meter

Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter

The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires. It installs measures and removes in seconds. The digital loadcell is highly accurate and requires no lookup or correction tables.

Quick-Check Tension Meter
Model CapacityReadability  
QC 2k 2,000 lb2 lbs   Add to Quote Full Specs
QC 10k 10,000 lb10 lbs   Add to Quote Full Specs



The Fastest Cable

Tension Meter

The Dillon Quick-Check can be placed on a cable, measure its tension, and removed in under five seconds! There are no complex lookup tables, no conversion charts. The operator can quickly select from 15 different wire sizes and types stored in Quick-Check’s memory. The Check-Tensioning mode graphically displays the current and target tensions for extremely quick setting of line tension. Even the infrequent battery changes are quick.

Broad Application

The Quick-Check can be employed in many industries to ensure proper tensioning. Typical applications include tower and stack guy wires, pretensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, prestressed concrete, fall arrest systems, aircraft cables and utilities.



Tension capacities:

2000 lb/10 kN/1000 kg

8000 lb/35 kN/3500 kg

Wire sizes: 3/16 inch through 3/4 inch

Accuracy: + 3% instrument capacity (calibrated to specific wire size & type + 5% with same wire diameter as calibrated but different wire type)

Number of calibrations: Up to 15 can be stored independently

Operating range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

Loading error: Cable elongation of only 0.08 inch (2mm)

Display: Dot-graphic LCD display supports full text and 1 inch high digits.

Sheave range: Sheave accommodates rated wire size and 1/2” smaller. Sheaves are not compatible with larger wire sizes – order additional sheaves for wire sizes.

Suggested wire calibrations:

Calibrate each wire diameter needed with the most appropriate sheaves. If two wire types are used of the same diameter (e.g.½” 7x7 and ½” 6x19), calibrate each type independently if accuracy is critical.


Environment protection: Suitable for continued outdoor use.

Tension units of measure: pound-force, kilogram force, Newtons

Resolution: configurable low/med/high

Recalibration: At user discretion. Commonly 24 months but should be more frequently with heavy use.

Size: 10 x 23 x 3 inch (25 x 59 x 8 cm)

Weight: Approx 11 lb (5 kg)


Downloads - Quick-Check Tension Meter

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