Automated Solutions

Data Weighing Systems offers a wide variety of standard and customized automated solutions. The following products highlight some of our most popular solutions, such as reel counters and component counters. We also specialize in helping systems integrators with improving the accuracy of their weighing or counting processes by supplying the latest in high-precision sensors and indicators along with many years of expertise.
Automated Solutions
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Synus in-motion checkweigher
Sartorius Synus in-motion checkweigher
Sartorius SYNUS® is an entire series of modular-designed standard stainless steel checkweighers for medium-high to high requirements.
4 1000g x 0.1 g
2000g x 0.2 g
5000g x 0.5 g
7000g x 1 g
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WM In-Motion Checkweigher
Sartorius WM In-Motion Checkweigher
A simple and flexiable checkweigher ideal for bag filling and sealing machines.
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