Analytical Instruments

Expanding on our long history of excellence in the laboratory, we now offer an extended range of analytical instruments including Sartorius moisture balances, AnD moisture analyzers and Sartorius pH meters. You'll find these products on the leading edge of technology, offering levels of accuracy and repeatability unobtainable in the past. The following products represent only our most popular items, and we have many more in stock; feel free to call us at 800-750-6842 for any analytical application.
Analytical Instruments
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DocuClip pH Meter
Sartorius DocuClip pH Meter
New PH meter eliminates manual electorde identification, resulting in documented traceablility
2 -2 to 20.000 pH x .001 pH
-2 to 20.000 pH x .001 pH
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LMA-200 Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer
Sartorius LMA-200 Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer
Rapid LOD analysis giving precision results in seconds
1 70 g x 0.1 mg (0.001%)
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MA 160 Moisture Analyzers
Sartorius MA 160 Moisture Analyzers
MA-160 brings expanded functionality and adjustability to create a uniquely user friendly LOD moisture and solids analyzer.
1 200 g x 1 mg (0.01%)
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MA 37 Moisture Analzyer
Sartorius MA 37 Moisture Analzyer
Rugged, Reliable, Affordable. The MA-37 is the ideal instrument for routine LOD Measurement of both Moisture and solids in your production environment.
1 70 g x 1 mg (0.01%)
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MA150 Moisture Analyzer
Sartorius MA150 Moisture Analyzer
The next-generation moisture analyzer replacing the successful MA45 model already used by thousands of customers all over the world.
3 150 g x 1mg(0.01%)
150 g x 1mg(0.01%)
150 g x 1mg(0.01%)
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MA35 Moisture Analyzer
Sartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzer
The MA35 Moisture Analzyer has a rugged design and is user-friendly.
1 35 x .001g
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Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer
Sartorius Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer
The Mark 3 series unit offers a modular design to accommodate any moisture testing application Combining Precision analytical results with personalized customization. Optimize your system today.
2 100g x 1mg (0.01%)
100g x 0.1mg (0.001%)
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Moisture Analyzer MS/MX/MF Series
AnD Moisture Analyzer MS/MX/MF Series
Featuring A&D’s extremely fast Super Hybrid Sensor technology
4 51 g x 2mg (0.05%)
51 g x 1mg (0.01%)
51 g x 5mg (0.1%)
71 g x 0.1mg (0.001%)
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Portable pH Meter PT (pH meters)
Sartorius Portable pH Meter PT (pH meters)
Sartorius Portable pH or conductivity Meters
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PP Series Professional pH Meter
Sartorius PP Series Professional pH Meter
Sartorius Professional Meters - For professional measurements and optimal testing in laboratories. Easy to operate with the highest measurement accu...
4 -2.000 to 20.000 pH x .001/.01/.1 pH
-2.000 to 20.000 pH x .001/.01/.1 pH
-2.000 to 20.000 pH x .001/.01/.1 pH
-2.000 to 20.000 pH x .001/.01/.1 pH
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Z MA100 Moisture Analyzer
Sartorius Z MA100 Moisture Analyzer
Flexible units that can be used in research, development and quality control.
4 50 g x 1mg/0.01%
50 g x 1mg/0.01%
100 g x .1mg/0.001%
100 g x .1mg/0.001%
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