Caston II Crane Scale

CAS Caston II Crane Scale

This crane scale features a heavy duty swivel hook, easy to read display, and long lasting batteries. This unit is very useful for overhead weighing of products from a crane or hoist. The unit comes with a spare rechargeable battery so that you can leave one on the charger while the other is in use. Because of the weight of the unit (50-68 LBS), it works best for applications where it is left on the crane. For a more portable system look at our Dillon Dynamometers. 

Caston II Crane Scale
Model CapacityReadability  
Caston II 1k 1,000 lb0.5 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
Caston II 2k 2,000 lb1 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
Caston II 5k 5,000 lb2 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs
Caston II 10k 10,000 lb5 LB   Add to Quote Full Specs


 Full Function Crane Scale:

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 1.2" LED Display
  • Auto Span Calibration
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Function Key: ON/OFF, ZERO, TARE
  • Full Tare Subtraction
  • Battery Type (72 Hours)
  • Low Battery Indication

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