Process Control

The weighing portion of a process can be one of the most critical elements. Our specialized weighing controllers, load cells and platforms can ensure that your system surpasses all expectations. We will work with you to maximize the accuracy and speed of any weighing system with the appropriate process control equipment. View some of our products below and call us at 800-750-6842 for assistance with your unique application.
Rental weighing and counting equipment is ideal for a variety of short term measuring needs. View our rental scales and balances.
  Models Capacities  
Signum (Industrial balances)
Sartorius Signum (Industrial balances)
.001g to .1g Industrial balances with Washdown Option!
4 620 g x .001 g
3100 g x .01 g
6100 g x .01 g
8000 g x .1 g
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AFG Force Gauge
Mecmesin AFG Force Gauge
Our top-of-the-range AFG is the most accurate digital gauge in the world
10 0.5 x 0.0001 lbf
1 x 0.0002 lbf
220 x 0.05 lbf
550 x 0.1 lbf
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Combics-IS Series High Precision Scales
Sartorius Combics-IS Series High Precision Scales
Extremely high resolution high capacity scale for precision industrial weighing.
7 34 kg x .1 g
64 kg x 1 g
300 kg x 2 g
300 kg x .2 g
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FC-EX Explosion Proof Balances
Sartorius FC-EX Explosion Proof Balances
Unmatched Readability to 1mg -(Class 1, Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D)
11 1 kg x .001g
2 kg x .01g
64 kg x .1g
64 kg x 1g
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MA150 Moisture Analyzer
Sartorius MA150 Moisture Analyzer
The next-generation moisture analyzer replacing the successful MA45 model already used by thousands of customers all over the world.
3 150 g x 1mg(0.01%)
150 g x 1mg(0.01%)
150 g x 1mg(0.01%)
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Pancake Load Cells PR6251
Sartorius Pancake Load Cells PR6251
Used to determine tank level by weight.
7 500 KG x 0.1%
1,000 KG x 0.1%
10,000 KG x 0.1%
16,000 KG x 0.1%
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PR5210 and PR5220 Process Transmitter
Sartorius PR5210 and PR5220 Process Transmitter
Din rail mounted loadcell signal conditioner for analog, ethernet or bus connection
8 All x Profibus/4-20ma
All x 4-20ma
All x Ethernet/4-20ma/Profinet
All x Ethernet/4-20ma/Ethernet-IP
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PR6211 Tank and Hopper Load Cell
Sartorius PR6211 Tank and Hopper Load Cell
Ideal compression load cell for tanks, hoppers and mixers; lifetime warranty
11 30 kg x .05% accuracy class
50 kg x .05% accuracy class
5000 kg x .05% accuracy class
10000 kg x .05% accuracy class
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Synus in-motion checkweigher
Sartorius Synus in-motion checkweigher
Sartorius SYNUS® is an entire series of modular-designed standard stainless steel checkweighers for medium-high to high requirements.
4 1000g x 0.1 g
2000g x 0.2 g
5000g x 0.5 g
7000g x 1 g
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X-C Force Gauge (Compression)
Dillon X-C Force Gauge (Compression)
Proven accuracy and ruggedness sets our mechanical force gauge apart in the force measurement industry.
11 25 lb x 1/4 lb
50 lb x 1/2 lb
25,000 lb x 250 lb
50,000 lb x 500 lb
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1700 HE tank mount
Rice Lake 1700 HE tank mount
Light- to Medium-Capacity load cell with tank mount
10 11 lb
22 lb
4,400 lb
11,000 lb
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460 and 465 Indicators
GSE 460 and 465 Indicators
The GSE 460 series was designed to outperform all comparable indicators.
2 100,000 divisions
100,000 divisions
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6260CS Crane Scale with wireless display
MSI 6260CS Crane Scale with wireless display
The MSI-6260CS RF crane scale provides wireless weighing solutions for overhead crane applications.
10 500 lb x .2lb
2,000 lb x 1lb
100,000 lb x 20lb
Upto 500 ton
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660 Series Weight Controllers
GSE 660 Series Weight Controllers
The GSE 660 Series are flexible, field-programmable weight based process controllers.
5 999,999 lb
999,999 lb
999,999 lb
999,999 lb
999,999 lb
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