Overhead Weighing

The inherent efficiency of the crane scale guarantees its continuing popularity. A correctly installed crane scale lets operators accomplish two things at once: move materials and simultaneously gather accurate weigh data or inventory information.

Ideal crane scales and dynamometers must be more than accurate. They're going to collide with other equipment and they're going to work in all kinds of environments. In addition, they need to be easy to read and unquestionably safe for overhead operation. Call 800-750-6842 and the trained staff at DWS will help you select the crane scale or dynamometer that's right for your application.

Overhead Weighing
  Models Capacities  
AP Dynamometer        (5 inch dial)
Dillon AP Dynamometer (5 inch dial)
The Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer exhibits limitless versatility as a tension, traction, and weight measuring instrument.
10 500 x 5 lb
1000 x 10 lb
15,000 x 100 lb
20,000 x 200 lb
Product Details
Dynamometer ED-Xtreme
Dillon Dynamometer ED-Xtreme
Dillon digital dynamometer with high accuracy and optional wireless remote display.
10 2,500 x 0.5 lb
5,000 x 1 lb
330,000 x 200 lb
555,000 x 500 lb
Product Details
ED Junior Dynamometer
Dillon ED Junior Dynamometer
The EDjunior Dynamometer is all about simplicity and value. Apply a load; take a reading.
4 2500 x 2 lb
5000 x 5 lb
10,000 x 10 lb
25,000 x 20 lb
Product Details
4300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale
MSI 4300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale
The MSI Porta-Weigh Plus crane scale represents a new level of technology and performance in the scale.
10 500 lb x .2lb
2,000 lb x 1lb
100,000 lb x 20lb
Upto 500,000 lbs x 20lb
Product Details
7300 Dynamometer Dyna-Link 2
MSI 7300 Dynamometer Dyna-Link 2
Dynamometer with larger display.
12 1,000 X 0.5 LB
2,500 X 1 LB
380,000 X 200 LB
550,000 X 200 LB
Product Details
AP Crane Scale
Dillon AP Crane Scale
Rugged and reliable crane scale for years of operation in the toughest environments.
13 500 lb x 2 lb
1,000 lb x 5 lb
40,000 lb x 200 lb
50,000 lb x 200 lb
Product Details
Caston II Crane Scale
CAS Caston II Crane Scale
Rugged cast aluminum crane scale for overhead weighing.
4 1,000 lb x 0.5 LB
2,000 lb x 1 LB
5,000 lb x 2 LB
10,000 lb x 5 LB
Product Details
Load, Angle and A2B system
Crane Smart Load, Angle and A2B system
Any combination of load, angle, A2B, wind speed or full LMI - one panel, all wireless.
5 15,000 lbs x 100 lbs
25,000 lbs x 100 lbs
40,000 lbs x 200 lbs
50,000 lbs x 200 lbs
80,000 lbs x 500 lbs
Product Details
RON 2501 wireless dynamometer
Eilon RON 2501 wireless dynamometer
The lighest and most compact dynamometer avaialbe.
18 1,000 Lb x 0.5 Lb
2,000 Lb x 1 Lb
500,000 Lb x 200 Lb
600,000 Lb x 200 Lb
Product Details
3360 Challenger 2 Crane Scale
MSI 3360 Challenger 2 Crane Scale
The Challenger 2 crane scale is versatile, reliable, accurate and easy to operate.
7 250 lb x .1lb
500 lb x .2lb
10,000 lb x 5lb
15,000 lb x 5lb
Product Details
6260CS Crane Scale with wireless display
MSI 6260CS Crane Scale with wireless display
The MSI-6260CS RF crane scale provides wireless weighing solutions for overhead crane applications.
10 500 lb x .2lb
2,000 lb x 1lb
100,000 lb x 20lb
Upto 500 ton
Product Details
7200 Dynamometer
MSI 7200 Dynamometer
Used for line tension monitoring, pull testing, load indication and/or certification.
13 500 lb x .5lb
1,000 lb x 1lb
400,000 lb x 500lb
500,000 lb x 500lb
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