Force Measurement

Data Weighing Systems offers a wide range of force gauges, dynamometers and other force measurement tools for R&D, quality control and in process testing. Let us know what your application is and we can come up with the ideal purchase or rental solution.

We also repair and calibrate most types of force gauges and testers.

Force Measurement
  Models Capacities  
AP Dynamometer        (5 inch dial)
Dillon AP Dynamometer (5 inch dial)
The Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer exhibits limitless versatility as a tension, traction, and weight measuring instrument.
10 500 x 5 lb
1000 x 10 lb
15,000 x 100 lb
20,000 x 200 lb
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Dynamometer ED-Xtreme
Dillon Dynamometer ED-Xtreme
Dillon digital dynamometer with high accuracy and optional wireless remote display.
10 2,500 x 0.5 lb
5,000 x 1 lb
330,000 x 200 lb
555,000 x 500 lb
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AFG Force Gauge
Mecmesin AFG Force Gauge
Our top-of-the-range AFG is the most accurate digital gauge in the world
10 0.5 x 0.0001 lbf
1 x 0.0002 lbf
220 x 0.05 lbf
550 x 0.1 lbf
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Forklift clamp tester
DWS Forklift clamp tester
Allows for precise adjustment of forklift clamping devices.
1 5000 Lb x 1 lb
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Quick-Check Tension Meter
Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter
The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires.
2 2,000 lb x 2 lbs
10,000 lb x 10 lbs
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X-C Force Gauge (Compression)
Dillon X-C Force Gauge (Compression)
Proven accuracy and ruggedness sets our mechanical force gauge apart in the force measurement industry.
11 25 lb x 1/4 lb
50 lb x 1/2 lb
25,000 lb x 250 lb
50,000 lb x 500 lb
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