Calibration Equipment

Data Weighing Systems offers ISO 17025 accredited calibration of scales, balances, test weights, force gauges and torque gauges. However, if you would like to calibrate your own equipment, we offer test weights, mass comparators and torque calibrators. Not only can we help you with equipment selection but also with procedures and documentation to meet the most stringent testing requirements.

This list represents our most popular calibration items; however, don't hesitate to call us at 800-750-6842 with any mechanical calibration requirements, including custom designed test weights.

Calibration Equipment
  Models Capacities  
Balance Calibration Weights (ASTM class 1)
Rice Lake Balance Calibration Weights (ASTM class 1)
Individual Class 1 Balance calibration weights
15 10 g x .05 mg
20 g x .074 mg
25 kg x 62 mg
30 kg x 75 mg
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Grip Handle Weights
Rice Lake Grip Handle Weights
Class F test weights for scale calibration and testing
14 1 lb x .01%
2 lb x .01%
2,000 lb x .01%
3,000 lb x .01%
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Pipette Calibration Balances
Sartorius Pipette Calibration Balances
The GPC series are ideally suited for gravimetric testing of the volume of any pipette size.
3 20 g x 0.001 mg
60 g x 0.01 mg
220 g x 0.01 mg
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Torque Lab Analyzer
Mountz Torque Lab Analyzer
The Torque Lab is an entirely new class of torque analyzers. (replaces the M-100)
8 10
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Weight Kit,100g-1g ASTM Class 1 SST Polished
Rice Lake Weight Kit,100g-1g ASTM Class 1 SST Polished
Polished Stainless Steel test weights sealed to Class 1 tolerances.
1 1g-100g
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