Sartorius Cubis

Sartorius Cubis

Sartorius Cubis is the first series of laboratory balances to feature a completely modular design. Choose only the features you need by combining the fully interchangeable balance components. Select your products below, or contact DWS to let us assist you in putting together the ideal weighing system for your needs.

What are your requirements? Cubis balances can be configured for any application.

  1. 200g
  2. .1mg
  3. MSE1
  4. MSE

    MSE - pure and simple weighing

    • Large, high contrast LCD
    • Easy menu, short text prompts
    • Clear keys for precise functions
  1. DM Draft Shield
  2. DM Draft Shield

    DM Draft Shield

    Automatic ultramicrobalanace and microbalance draft shield with learning capablility; for models with 0.001 mg, 0.0001 mg redability (weighing modules 6.6S, 3.6P, 2.7S)


Unsure which products you need? DWS understands scales and balances better than anyone and can find custom solutions perfect for any application.

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  Models Capacities  
Cubis - .001 g balances
Sartorius Cubis - .001 g balances
0.001 g version of Cubis sereis
7 320 g x .001 g
620 g x .001 g
3,200 g x .001 g
5,200 g x .001 g
Product Details
Cubis - 0.01 g precision balances
Sartorius Cubis - 0.01 g precision balances
0.01 g version of Cubis Series
6 1,200 g x 0.01g
4,200 g x 0.01g
10,200 g x 0.01g
14,200 g x 0.01g
Product Details
Cubis-0.1/0.01 mg Analytical Balance
Sartorius Cubis-0.1/0.01 mg Analytical Balance
These pre-configured Analytical Balances are the most popular configurations.
5 120 g x 0.1 mg
220 g x 0.01 mg
220 g x 0.1 mg
320 g x 0.1 mg
520 g x 0.1 mg
Product Details
Cubis Microbalance 1.0 and 0.1 ug
Sartorius Cubis Microbalance 1.0 and 0.1 ug
0.1 and 1 ug Microbalance version of the Cubis Series
3 2 g x 0.1 ug
3 g x 1 ug
6 g x 1 ug
Product Details
Cubis 0.1 g Balances
Sartorius Cubis 0.1 g Balances
0.1 g version of Cubis series
3 5200 g x 0.1 g
8200 g x 0.1 g
12200 g x 0.1 g
Product Details
  Models Capacities  
Cubis Filter Microbalance base options
Sartorius Cubis Filter Microbalance base options
2 2 g x 0.1 ug
6 g x 1 ug
Product Details
Cubis Top Loader base options
Sartorius Cubis Top Loader base options
11 1 kg x 0.01 g
2 kg x 0.01 g
14 kg x 0.01 g
14 kg x 0.01 g
Product Details
Cubis Milligram Base Options
Sartorius Cubis Milligram Base Options
7 320 g x 0.001 g
620 g x 0.001 g
5 kg x 0.001 g
5 kg x 0.001 g
Product Details
Cubis Semi-Micro and Analytical base options
Sartorius Cubis Semi-Micro and Analytical base options
6 120g x 0.1mg
220g x 0.01mg
320g x 0.1mg
520g x 0.1mg
Product Details
Cubis Microbalance base options
Sartorius Cubis Microbalance base options
3 2 g x 0.1 ug
3 g x 1 ug
6 g x 1 ug
Product Details


YDP20-0CE Data Printer
Sartorius YDP20-0CE Data Printer
Data Printer with Statistics and time/date functions for all Sartorius balances and scales.

With a Sartorius Cubis Balance, you will always stay at the cutting edge without having to invest in completely new equipment.

This is what makes the Cubis modular design so special, with a number of unique advantages:
• Optimal interchangeability or extension of modules
• Shorter innovation cycles for individual modules
• Faster development of additional modules

Apart from aspects strictly involving metrological specifications, preparing for and performing a weighing procedure and meeting the relevant regulatory standards are gaining ever-increasing importance.

The ratio between the steps of the actual measurement procedure and the accompanying steps are decisive criteria for the efficiency of work sequences, especially for complex and frequently recurrent applications. In designing this Sartorius balance, we focused on this major aspect.

The new Q-Guide enables tasks and individual work sequences to be quickly configured for error-free performance.

The Cubis software and user interface eliminate the detours so you can get down to business.

Once you have defined a task, you are interactively guided straight to the settings needed for your application.

Irrelevant information is hidden. Only the application mode you select is displayed, making navigation even easier.

Just touch the USER key to gain access to User | Password Management. TASK enables you to select defined tasks directly.

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